Handmade Linocut Prints by Phillippa Walter


"When a mountain doesn't listen, say a prayer to the sea" 

Phillippa Walter is a printmaker who lives in a little cottage by the ocean, it is quiet here and that is good. However, it can be frustrating because she really enjoys those fancy little cocktails made by the kind of hubristic bartender who flips bottles in the air and sets fire to oranges.     She studied Illustration for 7 years at a few different colleges and Universities, but her favourite one was Cardiff Metropolitan University, where she spent most of her time and made really good friends with a wondrous boy, who likes to dress up in old clothes and play with swords.

Her designs are mostly inspired by the freedom and happiness that comes from being a little bit silly with people we love, in places we love like the mountains of Snowdonia, secret lakes in secret forests and the ocean, where she so often retreats. 

Just a little heads up, This website is quite new so it is still under development and the majority of the linocut art i make and that is available is not yet uploaded on here. The link below has all the pathways to all of my online social media and stores!!