The year of colour and texture

As we come into the year 2022 there are so many things to look forward to, winter has almost ended and the sun is finally returning, yesterday the feeling of spring and the smell of the gorse flowers followed me along the coast. This year in celebration of the new, my work is taking a new direction where I will be experimenting with colour, texture, layers and complexities. 

When I began printmaking in 2017 I had no idea where it would take me, I lost my job, I lost my home and I could barely walk after an injury. I started printmaking to have something to enjoy and in the beginning I was so so bad at it! but it didn't matter as long as I was having fun and playing around with this brand new medium that i didn't understand. Fast forward a few years and it became my job, I was finally able to support myself and live happily, my artistic practice consisted of simplistic, fun and highly contrasting imagery celebrating our bodies and the freedom of wild swimming. Even though the themes will continue, the art will evolve and I will develop with it. 

This year I will be creating a twelve part series that explores the relationship i have had with the Gower Peninsula over the past few years, the adventures, beauty and memories that this place gives us. The artwork will be more textured and my skills honed. 

Alongside this series there will be more experimentation with colour and layering of blocks, I have also begun to meddle with the idea of wood etching, so follow along to watch as this year develops into something beautiful. 


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  • Hi Philippa,
    I love your work, it’s really exciting in its mark making and images.
    I was wondering if you ran workshops?
    My sister lives in Llantwit Major so it wouldn’t be too far from you if I visited her from North Yorkshire.
    Keeping my fingers crossed,
    Kind regards


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