The Gower Series - An exploration of this beautiful landscape through art

On a dark evening of October in the year 2022, whilst driving back from Cwn Ivy in the north of the Gower. A Barn Owl flew across my path, I had waited my entire life to see a Barn Owl in the wild and that day my childhood dreams had been realised. 

They say that in some cultures that a Barn Owl crossing your path is a sign of a good omen and that you are on the right path. 

This print is part of the twelve part linocut series that has been in creation for the past two years, it initially began as a challenge i had set myself to create more diverse and explorative artwork, focusing on different carving techniques and honing my skills as a printmaker. The series is not only an ode to the beautiful animals that live here but a way to see what is possible to create with my carving knife. 

So far in the series there is an otter, who live near the salt marshes, images of surfing, swimming, hounds and birds. Follow along for new designs 




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  • Any chance you could sell us a copy of the surfing under the stars which is sold out on your site

    Janet clark

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